Main nuances in working with React JS

Javascript is a universal language for programming in web space. But, like any language, it has some inaccuracies. So some inconvenience in working with the programming language led to the fact that Facebook decided to create a library to create user interfaces. This simplified the operation, and the speed of creating a product increased significantly. So React from Java Script appeared.

Key Benefits of React JS

The popularity of the library is also justified by the fact that it is simple and comfortable for work. Many significantly save budget, strength and time using React JS. The library also has advantages such as:

  1. Declaration. Creating interactive user interfaces on React is nice and easy. It is enough for you to describe how parts of the application interface look in different states. React will update them in a timely manner when the data changes. Declarative views will make code more predictable and simplify debugging.

  2. Component. Create encapsulated components with their own state, and then merge them into complex user interfaces. Since the component logic is written in JavaScript, and not contained in templates, you can easily transfer a variety of data throughout the application and keep the state out of the DOM.

  3. Versatility. You can develop new functionality on React without changing the existing code. React can also run on the server using Node.js and on mobile platforms using React Native.

React JS

Depending on what functions the web product should perform, a file is selected from the library, adjustments are made and everything, site or other object is ready without much effort and problems.

Functional features

React is perfect for complex projects in which development teams will participate. Also for objects that require a component approach. Reaction is simply necessary for those products that need to undergo refactoring. This is justified by the fact that React can be added to an existing project, updating the code base gradually and pointwise.

React helps the development team negotiate with each other by updating the code in the database. Of course, you should not use this library if you are developing a simple application or a primitive site. Its functionality will not be fully realized and may result in an error.



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